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I have been searching high and low for development software that meets the following criteria:

  1. Connects to web based version control
  2. Has functional reference for PHP
  3. Runs on multiple platforms (PC/Mac)
  4. Easily manipulates and assists with CSS/JavaScript/(X)HTML

And the good news is, I have finally found a solution… I recommend any team doing distributed development on multiple development and deployment platforms use the following setup:

Eclipse 3.1.1
Subclipse 1.0.0
Aptana 0.2.5
PHPEclipse 1.1.8

Using Aptana, you can be FTP’ing into the website. With Subversion, you have version/source control. With PHPEclipse you have reference, templates and with Eclipse you have a distributed platform. Its a dream come true. Why couldn’t I find someone recommending this setup on a website before I invested dozens of hours in research? I think that people are either satisfied with the Zend Framework, or they simply don’t have the cross-platform needs that we have. And frankly, most designers we work with are completely satisfied with Dreamweaver MX/8 and the check-in/check-out process it affords. For the time being, when I work with those developers, I will have Dreamweaver running concurrently in order to make sure I don’t stomp (or overwrite) the designer’s updates. Until we get to point where we are solely a development shop, and can ease off design, we’ll run this setup…or maybe we can develop an Eclipse plugin that will allow us to simulate DW check-in/check-out while using Eclipse…hmm…

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Leroy Leese

Leroy is a Zend PHP Certified Engineer from Knoxville TN. He has been computing for over two decades, drag-racing for 16 years and spent a year with a band as a guitarist.