WPF ShaderEffect Generator

Just wanted to put a quick note out there for those that may stumble on this issue. I was trying to modify an FX file in order to add an Effect to one my images in my WPF application. I was trying to do this by using a .fx file that was part of one of Nick Darnell‘s projects. Specifically HeatColorizer.fx. It wasn’t clear to me how to convert this file into the .ps file that my WPF application needed, and then I found WPF ShaderEffect Generator. I installed it, tried to run it and VS 2010 immediately crashed. Then I tried it on a VS 2008 project and it failed silently. I was stumped. Then, after more reading about PixelShaders, I realized that I needed the DirectX SDK. Well, maybe I didn’t “need” it – but it sure seemed like it would help. Sure enough – it was a huge help. VS 2010 no longer crashes and my .ps files appear to be properly generating. Hope this helps someone else out there.

Thanks for the code and efforts for the programming community Nick!

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Leroy Leese

Leroy is a Zend PHP Certified Engineer from Knoxville TN. He has been computing for over two decades, drag-racing for 16 years and spent a year with a band as a guitarist.