Marketing Adventure!

I have a few hobbies. One of them is Drag Racing. There are many facets to the sport I enjoy. One thing I enjoy is the competition. Right now I am competing in a contest that crosses the lines of Drag Racing and Motorsports Marketing. I am REALLY interested in this since I enjoy the internet side of marketing and this contest is inside that realm.

Here is the contest:

You can vote for our ride here:

So the next big question is not only how to make sure my entry has the most votes, but how to drive traffic and keep interest in the Champion brand after the competition. Obviously we want to serve the client well, and that means giving them the biggest bang for the buck. It means doing simple things like putting the Champion branding on our hauler. Wearing Champion branded T-shirts or Polo shirts at every event we attend. Getting “hero cards” printed up that highlight the cross section of the brand and our operation. Other than making regular appearances in the winner’s circle, I think we are poised to drive traffic and energy toward the Champion brand. Now, we just need more votes! 🙂

I’ll be generating interest and attempting to drive more traffic over to in order to prove that we are worthy and have their interests at heart. Watch for updates!

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Leroy Leese

Leroy is a Zend PHP Certified Engineer from Knoxville TN. He has been computing for over two decades, drag-racing for 16 years and spent a year with a band as a guitarist.