DevExpress Layout Panels

I have been using DevExpress Layout Panels in a project recently and found that I need to verify that the panels were visible when I was populating them.

To be sure they were visible, I was checking .IsAutoHidden or .IsHidden

I thought for sure this would catch every case. Not so sure now – but it doesn’t matter – if you are checking for visibility, you really just need to check .IsVisible()

Seems simple, eh? It should be. And it eventually was for me, but I found .IsVisible really answered the question I was asking and in the same piece of logic, I need to check visibility for the parent. You see – if you make a LayoutPanel visible, but the LayoutGroup that it is a part of is hidden, then you won’t be able to see your panel even though you made it plainly visible.

Just some experience for y’all. Good luck!

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Leroy Leese

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