How about some branding or colors or both!

This isn’t really supposed to be web development 101 but it is boiling down to it, isn’t it? We started out with dead simple DOM (our html markup) and now we are adding to it.

The point is that we have some good speeds right now, but we don’t have any utility. We don’t have any functionality. So the speed is worthless. What we really want is to have high speed AND utility, functionality and reliability.

So let’s get our branding on this relatively blank canvas as well as some text.

Adding a GIF image to the top and increasing our DOM elements by double (from 8 to 16) we still have a pretty speedy page.


  • Load Time: 0.439s
  • TTFB (First Byte): 0.153s
  • Start Render: 0.394s
  • Speed Index: 396

Pretty decent. But we really only have one image, and no conveyence of our purpose for existing. Haha. We better continue adding our core elements of purpose (utility, functionality and reliability)

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Leroy Leese

Leroy is a Zend PHP Certified Engineer from Knoxville TN. He has been computing for over two decades, drag-racing for 16 years and spent a year with a band as a guitarist.