New Days

Lots of personal development as well as work for our clients lately. Big projects are being rolled out.

One of the ones that we’ve done is an information architecture review of Practice Tree Online.

This just means that we have been evaluating how the information on the site is navigated to. Seems fairly simple for a web application but it is amazing when you discover that you’ve had things wrong.

When new visitors to the app or site don’t know what to do – you’ve got a communication problem. And much of what you are communicating can be revealed in how your navigation is formated and how you drive people to the content you want them to see.

We’ve taken this very seriously and while the net result may not be impressive – the effort to get there is non-trivial.

We’re not going to go over all that has happened but many times things like card-sorts and user experience testing is done to capture this information.

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Leroy Leese

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