Credit Card Bullhorn

In the past week, I’ve come in contact with a surprising handful of random folks with websites who either are sending credit card account information over clear email, or asked me directly for my account information over email in a handy form to just “Reply” to. Why don’t I go out on my back porch with a loudspeaker and just announce my credit card information over and over again. C’mon folks! Fraud is REAL! Continue reading Credit Card Bullhorn

Google this Google that: The Internet Monopoly

Could one ever really exist? I mean, this is the internet. It’s worldwide! Anyone and their brother could get the simplest website off the ground if they wanted to. With that at stake, we as designers hold the standard that in order to make ourselves worthwhile and of value to your clients, we must excel at our trade and rise above the templates! Could Google have more in mind though? Continue reading Google this Google that: The Internet Monopoly