Google Indexing

Love this blog entry:

It sort of feels like, “finally”. I have had to justify to clients why Flash is not going to get them the sort of search results they want, even though it will have aesthetics for those that are already there. And now, we can have both worlds. I still think text is going to work out better for menus and links because of its minimal bandwidth and accessibility options -but for those things that just serve us better as flash – its nice to know that they will be visible to the engines too. At least, one engine.

Customer Service

It is mostly about Customer Service. What is? Software. It’s all about customer service in fact. I mean, you build a User Interface so that your users can interface with it. And if that interface doesn’t make sense (BTW, that was your first line of customer service) then they call or email you (your second line of customer service). In fact, all software serves, and most of the time, serves its human customer. So you have to have people skills and a heart to serve, or you aren’t going to make it. If you only love the engineering side of it, then get into mechanical or some sort of physical engineering …software is for people.