Facebook IPO highlights “The Hacker Way” – Feb. 1, 2012

Facebook IPO highlights “The Hacker Way” – Feb. 1, 2012.

“Done is better than perfect”. Hmm. Seems to fall in line with what I know from Guy Kawasaki. And I’ve heard many times the adage, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough”. It sort of goes against the grain of engineers, but I think it represents someone who has the perspective of needing to keep pressing forward and to continue making money. Its wise, but it sounds reckless. I like it.

Marketing Adventure!

I have a few hobbies. One of them is Drag Racing. There are many facets to the sport I enjoy. One thing I enjoy is the competition. Right now I am competing in a contest that crosses the lines of Drag Racing and Motorsports Marketing. I am REALLY interested in this since I enjoy the internet side of marketing and this contest is inside that realm.

Here is the contest: http://alwaysachampion.com/

You can vote for our ride here: http://contest.alwaysachampion.com/contests/showentry/1011638

So the next big question is not only how to make sure my entry has the most votes, but how to drive traffic and keep interest in the Champion brand after the competition. Obviously we want to serve the client well, and that means giving them the biggest bang for the buck. It means doing simple things like putting the Champion branding on our hauler. Wearing Champion branded T-shirts or Polo shirts at every event we attend. Getting “hero cards” printed up that highlight the cross section of the brand and our operation. Other than making regular appearances in the winner’s circle, I think we are poised to drive traffic and energy toward the Champion brand. Now, we just need more votes! 🙂

I’ll be generating interest and attempting to drive more traffic over to alwaysachampion.com in order to prove that we are worthy and have their interests at heart. Watch for updates!

Microdata – Exciting!

I have been studying up on some of the latest cool things that HTML 5 is bringing us. I have been so steeped in geo data/software/programming that I have gotten slightly rusty on the whole SEO scene. Can’t believe we have moved into a unified arena for search called “microdata” – this is exciting. Not sure how I missed it but it totally makes sense and I expect to be adding this to as many existing clients as possible. It will completely poise everyone for rich internet experience as far as drawing the right people to the right sites. With semantic mark up this is going to be really exciting. No more visiting the “wrong” site when searching from your mobile device. Really looking forward to seeing how this works in everyone’s favor in the next few years.

Sharepoint, Ax, X++, Dynamics, Solomon (GP)

New services for LeeseIT! We have been taking classes in all these Microsoft products. Not only that, but we have been working on doing integrations with all of them! Including web services and data sharing. Anyone can do interfaces, but getting your inventory data to properly couple with your accounting and lead generating software – now that is the challenge! And what about your support staff who needs to effectively run your business and provide numbers and stats for your management team? We are here to serve you all – because with these tools, we are convinced that we can make a solution work for you! Email us for pricing and more information about how we can help.

Recent updates

There have been so many websites that we have been working on lately that it seems we haven’t had any time to write or update our own. Here are some client websites we have had the privilege to help out recently:

It has been a great summer – thanks to all who have helped support these efforts.


I just got around to reading a SitePoint article (http://www.sitepoint.com/newsletter/viewissue.php?id=2&issue=441) and I couldn’t agree more. Software, and in particular websites, are absolutely centered around customer service. If isn’t serving someone or some purpose, then it is worthless. And so if your organization doesn’t serve someone or some purpose it is also worthless. So if you want your business to have value (and simultaneously grow it) provide stellar customer service.