doctype, a predictable problem

I don’t want to sound condescending, but it was something that was bound to come up. I ran into it working with the Tactical Sensor Model (also called the Common Sensor Model, and finally, Joint Sensor Model) working group. In that situation, the API needed to grow as the abilities and capabilities of the Sensors (and their Models) improved. And how do you progress an API (or in this case, specific Standards) and maintain backwards compatibility? Some people who are smarter than me are working on it which is good but I can tell you that we never came up with a solution that satisfied everyone. In this case, if I were developing a browser, I would NOT be interested in handling version cases for rendering a page. It means that the engine will grow and grow and grow and although there won’t be alot to maintain because each version will build on the last and once a version is released, its not going to get modified but what about NEW browsers? Really, they are going to test each version’s engine and move forward? So basically, if you are not in the browser market now, you will have a huge-uphill battle if this goes through. Ick, its a nightmare and its easy from the server side of the problem to sit back and go, “You, client-side people REALLY have your work cut out for you”. If that is the case, I hope the open-source community likes testing (as opposed to developing) because that is going to be where time gets spent.

The alternative isn’t pleasant either, what with all kinds of progress moving forward with standards AND browsers. It isn’t an easy puzzle to solve. Good luck. To everyone.

New Year and New web design

For me, it is very refreshing and brings a sense of newness…at least during January. Once we get past February, the newness has faded and when I write the date on checks, it is more of a habit to write out the new year. But for now, lets settle into newness. And to go with that, we are launching a new website design. Thanks to and for helping us get this new site launched. Our hope is to bring our website look up to par with the quality of work we deliver. We had many new clients launch successful new websites and we have many more projects in the wings right now. We hope 2008 is prosperous for all our clients and wish you well.

Found this on

It was amazingly valuable for debugging JS.

Safari also has a javascript debugger. You need to enable the Debug menu in safari, which can be done by typing the following into terminal (make sure safari is closed):

% defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Then relaunch safari, and from the debug menu you can open a js console.


www = Wild Wild West

www – does it mean World Wide Web OR Wild Wild West? It seems awfully wild out here sometimes. I read articles all the time and its so unbridled – the things people say, the types of websites out there. Its definitely exploiting freedom of speech. I want people to have that freedom – but people sometimes implement zero restraint. Anyway, I think “wild wild west” fits “www” more appropriately.

Google this Google that: The Internet Monopoly

Could one ever really exist? I mean, this is the internet. It’s worldwide! Anyone and their brother could get the simplest website off the ground if they wanted to. With that at stake, we as designers hold the standard that in order to make ourselves worthwhile and of value to your clients, we must excel at our trade and rise above the templates! Could Google have more in mind though? Continue reading Google this Google that: The Internet Monopoly